A google search reveals there is a lot of controversy around the health benefits of coconuts. While one diet may tell you to use it, another might tell you to stay away. While there are many amazing uses for this “fruit” (and it is actually classified as a drupe), coconuts are surrounded by a lot of myths. Health benefits aside, coconuts are amazing for all the things you can use them for, such as boosting your immune system and hair growth. Check out these interesting facts about this wonderfully exotic food.

The Benefits of Coconuts for the Mind, Body, and Spirit

Health Benefits for the Mind

Coconuts are brain food. Some studies have shown that coconut oil can boost cognitive function and improve memory. This food is also believed to help prevent Alzheimer’s disease and certain neurodegenerative disorders. The fatty acids and minerals in coconut oil provide the brain with the nutrition it needs to produce chemicals that are essential to memory and thinking. Coconut oil also has an anti-inflammatory effect on the brain and may be of use for those suffering from depression or other neurological disorders.

Health Benefits for the Body

Coconut oil can be used internally and externally. The average daily intake of coconut oil is typically one to two tablespoons, which results in a lot of health benefits. The fats in coconut oil help our cells absorb minerals more effectively and are essential to the function of our body’s cells. As a result, this oil helps to kill free radicals, which, if left unchecked, can attack healthy cells and cause cancer. So, while they help prevent cancer, they also aid in preventing aging and wrinkles. The saturated fats in coconut oil are stable and support the immune system, impacting the body by boosting white blood cell activity which aids in fighting off disease. Coconut oil has been proven to help in weight loss, too. Because of its high metabolism-boosting properties, it is often included in diets recommended to those who are suffering from obesity. It also helps to keep our heart and arteries healthy. Coconut oil is also used for beauty reasons, such as as a treatment for the skin and hair.

Health Benefits for the Spirit

Coconuts can help to remove negative energy around us. Yes, you read that right. This exotic fruit has been used in various religious ceremonies throughout history to clear negative energy. The Theobroma oil, or “food of the gods,” helps to cleanse our energy as well as that of the things around us.


It is time to ditch the mental blocks and myths that have been associated with coconuts. They are a wonderful food, loaded with essential nutrients and amino acids that we need to survive. While the hype about the saturated fats in coconut oil has been blown out of proportion, this fruit is like a magic bullet in many respects. It offers numerous benefits for the body and for the mind. It really is “food for the gods,”; so get to munching!

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