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Hi, I am Dulara, the founder and CEO of Ceylon Exports & Trading Pvt Ltd. Our business success is attributed to excellent customer service, authentic product quality and ethically transparent value chains.

Please feel free to schedule a meeting if you would like to know more about the coconut industry. We obviously love to sell our products. But, helping others navigate the overall coconut industry is a central part of our efforts in sharing our passion for authenticity and transparent value chains.

I’ll be looking forward to assisting you with any inquiries that you may have as well as brand and/or product related inquiries. Please feel free to schedule an available time slot on the calendar and a member from our sales team will reach out to you with a zoom link.

Ask me anything about coconuts.

Coconut Tree from bottom angle in Sri Lankan Coconut Estate
Experienced coconut artisan preparing to dehusk the coconut

A range of topics we can cover

We advise clients and businesses on a range of coconut and export related topics.
Find below a few topics we can advise on, with no strings attached.

Product Specifications

Each coconut product has a unique set of sensory and technical parameters. We are able to share with you the details on each product specification.

Coconut Harvest Information

The coconut harvest changes from month to month. We are able to keep you informed on the long-term and short-term changes in the coconut harvest.

Coconut Market Information

Every country has a different demand for coconut products. We are able to share with you the statistical demand and estimated growth rates for each country.

Packaging Options

A strong brand requires unique packaging options to attract consumers. We are able to advise you on a range of packaging options that meet your brand personality, positioning and values.

Marketing Support

For distributors and retailers of our Coco House brand, we offer marketing support across a variety of channels including POS material and digital content.

Shipping and Payment Options

Each client has unique shipping and payment requirements. We are able to advise you on a variety of shipping and payment choices.

We know everything about coconuts, so you don’t have to.

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