Ceylon Exports & Trading and Coco House are intertwined with the local community and environment. We work as one, uplifting each other simultaneously through the ups and downs of life. Follow this page to read up on our sustainability initiatives.


Ceylon Exports & Trading’s Guide to Environmentally Responsible Coconut Production

coconut products with hidden health benefits

Unveiling the Hidden Health Benefits of Coconut Products

Community kitchen picture (1)

Hosting Community Kitchens after the Sri Lankan Debt Default and Economic Crisis

Group shot - #2

Attending to the orphan crisis in the Wayamba District of Sri Lanka

Banana Ceylon Exports & Trading Vegetable Garden Sri Lanka - Coconut Oil Manufacturer

Ceylon Exports & Trading vegetable garden – Using our water sustainably

Colombo Sri Lanka police temperature meter explanation

Helping our security forces battle the Covid-19 pandemic

We know everything about coconuts, so you don’t have to.

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