There are many fad diets that have come and gone over the years. However, there’s also plenty of diets that have kept steady with the passing of time. The Keto diet, or ketogenic diet, definitely looks like it’s here to stay. That’s because it’s been proven to contribute considerably to weight loss. Scientific facts exist in support of the Keto diet. The diet consists of high fat, low carb, and medium protein. What all that boils down to is that healthy fats are constantly needed in the best possible way. Coconut oil is one of the best sources for this. 

What Role Does Coconut Oil Play When It Comes to Ketosis?

The keto diet essentially works through eating the right foods, which can lead the body to a state referred to as ketosis. In that mode, fat is burned by the body instead of glucose. Raw coconut oil, in particular, can give the ketogenic process a major boost. It has healthy fats that become ketones and helps to prevent hunger. Coconut oil fats are referred to as MCT or medium-chain triglycerides. It’s fantastic for instant energy and gets digested with no issue.

Fifty percent of lauric acid is generally found in coconut oil. It’s meant to lower the ghrelin’s hormone levels. Ghrelin is what serves to regulate hunger. The more ghrelin there is in the body, the hungrier a person gets. It goes without saying that on the other end, less ghrelin directly equates to more satisfaction. So coconut oil will help with staying full for much longer, defeating the purpose of unhealthy snacking as the day goes on.

What Makes Coconut Oil Beneficial to Health?

There are other health benefits to coconut oil outside of weight loss through hunger regulation and ketosis. It’s also fantastic at fending off chronic diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease. Coconut oil’s MCTs allow for the body to have an alternative fuel source when glucose isn’t available. That can aid people whose brain functions are impaired towards recovery.

Heart health also gets a boost thanks to coconut oil. There’s research to back this up, too: Healthline brought up a study wherein 91 people received butter, olive oil, or coconut oil every day for a certain period. Compared to the two other groups, the ones who received coconut oil got a noteworthy spike in their levels of good cholesterol.

What Are Some Great Ways To Incorporate Coconut Oil Into Daily Life?

This depends entirely on a person’s lifestyle and personal preferences. Coconut oil consumption to get a daily dose includes the likes of:

  • Including coconut oil in breakfast smoothies (or smoothies in general)
  • Including coconut oil in salad dressing
  • Taking in pure coconut oil by the spoonful


The ketogenic diet has been very popular over the last couple of years, and it’s here to stay. It’s simply because it has been proven to help people lose weight considerably. Coconut oil is a great boost to a Keto diet because it has healthy fats that turn into ketones, which is vital to the diet overall. Additionally, there is a barrage of other health benefits from coconut oil.

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