Throughout the past decade, coconut-based products have increased in popularity and become a staple in the kitchen. From coconut oil to coconut flour, the range of products you can find containing this miracle ingredient is just overwhelming! There are just so many uses to it that the global production volume from some of the best coconut oil suppliers in the world amounted to 3.59 million metric tons in 2018—and that’s just for one type of coconut-based product!

Today, coconut products come in all shapes and sizes—any of which still contain all those healthy benefits linked to the application of coconut to people’s bodies. Let’s explore some of the amazing uses and benefits of coconuts that we all experience today.

A Safer Cooking Oil Alternative

Every year, more and more people are swapping out their olive, sunflower, and canola oils for a better and healthier alternative: coconut oil. It naturally has zero cholesterol with a high heat point, making it perfect for those long cooks in high temperatures. 

Due to coconuts containing very high saturated fat levels, this type of oil can retain its structure in high-heat cooking, preventing it from turning into toxic compounds when heated. Especially as compared to vegetable-based oils, this particular one is definitely a safer alternative to cooking!

A Weight Loss Supplement

There’s some evidence that suggests that coconut milk may actually benefit weight loss and metabolism to some extent. Coconut milk contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs)—which are undoubtedly different from long-chain triglycerides (LCTs). MCTs are directly absorbed into the bloodstream and are less likely to be stored as fat than LCTs. 

When your body absorbs MCTs, it can temporarily boost calorie expenditure and fat burning. It also tends to decrease your calorie intake compared to other kinds of fats. This results in the feeling of fullness and enhanced appetite regulation!

Some organic coconut milk manufacturers from Sri Lanka even offer coconut milk as a vegan cooking alternative. If you like to cook a lot of curries and desserts, coconut milk is an excellent choice for the health-conscious.

A Healthy Energy Drink

If you need a boost of energy, but you’re concerned about the adverse effects of consuming energy drinks, then coconut water is the perfect alternative for you. Coconut water is known to contain a lot of electrolytes and packs more potassium than consuming four whole bananas. Many athletes resort to coconut water as a natural sports drink instead of those commercial ones you see advertised on television!

This sweet, nutty water is an excellent way to hydrate your body. In fact, it’s so good that it can even get you through those dreadful hangovers! 

A Gluten-Free Flour Substitute

Have you ever wondered if there’s an alternative to using wheat flour in baking and dessert making? You’re in luck because coconut flour just happens to be a good alternative to regular flour. To top it off, it’s actually gluten-free!

Coconut flour is a soft, naturally grain-free flour produced from dried coconut meat. When coconut milk is made, the bits of coconut meat left are then dried and ground to produce a soft, fine powder that you can use for baking. This product is higher in fiber and protein as compared to traditional grain-based flour.


Those are just four of the most common uses of coconut in the market today. We’ve come a long way from just eating raw coconut meat and juice to producing top-quality products for everyday consumption. There’s just no limit to using coconut-based products in cooking, baking, even on skincare and weight loss. All that’s left now is for you to grab the opportunity and health benefits that this magical product provides!

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