Research has proven coconut oil to be effective in helping lose abdominal fat. No wonder it has been marketed with the label “miracle fat to lose fat.” Many people also use coconut oil as a food supplement that reduces body fat. 

Companies or individuals might consider ordering bulk organic coconut oil and making some weight loss-aiding products with the same hype. It’s not impossible because it’s such an enticing investment.

For whatever product the coconut oil might be turned into, it is important to know how it would help in losing body fat. Read on. 

Where Coconut Oils Began

Coconuts are harvested from coconut or palm trees, which originate in tropical regions. Cocos nucifera, its scientific name, is classified as a drupe. The three layers that qualify coconuts for the class are the exocarp (the outer layer), the mesocarp (the coconut husk), and the endocarp (the fruit itself).

Commonly used in Malaysia and the Philippines, coconut oil has become a widespread product around the world. It can be consumed as food and as medicine which has been proven effective by generations and traditions.

A variety of products has coconut oil as the star of the show. From exotic cuisine to skincare and hair products, coconut oil has made its way to the mainstream organic option.

Coconut Oil: A Healthy Fat?

Yes. Coconut oil is rich in medium-fatty acids or MCFAs. This component potentially increases to 85 percent when the coconut oil it’s extracted from comes from fresh coconuts. This oil is called virgin coconut oil. These acids are lipids easily metabolized and not stored in adipose tissues like long-chain fatty acids or LCFAs would.

This fatty acid then reaches the liver to be metabolized as energy. With this, it decreases the other fatty acid’s ability to create fat stores. The MCFAs are also the component coconut oil contains that sets it apart from other oils.

Since it is digested differently, it has made coconut oil an alternative treatment for several medical complications.

Coconut Oil Works in Reducing Fat

As explained above, the way medium-chain fatty acids are digested boosts metabolism and energy. These two resulting reactions prove that coconut oil is indeed able to reduce body fat.

With coconut oil seeming beneficial in improving metabolism and losing body fat, researchers were motivated to examine if it can be used for weight management.

An increase in metabolism enables the body to burn more fat than normal. As for the increase in energy, it helps in exerting more effort burning more calories and fat. This made coconut oil one of the state food supplements in sports nutrition. Further studies show that it improves athletic performance. Access to it has been made easier for consumers in the form of sports bars and drinks.


Coconut oil has proved itself as a strong competitor against long-established products in the market. Backed by its history, nutritional facts, and organic nature, it has made a name for itself and is now seen as a superfood. 

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