In the last decade or so, there’s been a major shift in how we consume protein on a daily basis. Aside from our daily meals, there’s been a huge boom in the way we supplement our diets with protein, particularly the use of plant-based protein powder supplements. Coconut powder, in particular, has been making a huge splash in the world of protein consumption. It’s now commonly used in protein shakes and other recipes to create tasty and healthy plant-based recipes. But what does it mean to add a plant-based product like coconut protein powder to your diet, and how can it possibly help your health?

Plant-Based vs. Animal-Based Protein

Protein is an essential nutrient for the human body. It is the required building block for our body tissues, hormones, muscles, hair, and nails. Overall, our bodies use protein for everything from building muscle, to repairing tissues and organs, to regulating hormones and the production of neurotransmitters and enzymes.

There are two primary sources of protein: animals and plants. Animal protein is found in meats and dairy products and includes meats such as beef, chicken, fish, and pork. On the other hand, common plant sources of protein include legumes, nuts, seeds, and beans.

The problem with animal-based protein is that it can be high in fat and cholesterol. In fact, some meats and dairy products are very high in fat and cholesterol, making them a less than ideal choice for your diet.

Luckily, plant-based protein is a great substitute for those who aren’t looking to add animal-based protein sources to their diets. Plant-based protein powder has become a popular substitute for milk and other animal products.

What is Coconut Protein Powder?

Coconut Protein Powder is made by processing dried coconut meat. The meat is ground up, dehydrated, and then turned into powder. The end result is a simple, highly accessible source of plant-based protein.

How Many Calories Are In Coconut Protein Powder?

Coconut protein powder is a plant-based source of protein, meaning it’s low in fat and high in plant protein. It has a very low-calorie count at only 120-140 calories per serving. It’s also a good source of medium triglyceride fats, containing approximately 10g per 100g serving. 

What Are the Health Benefits?

Coconut Protein Powder consists of in all the essential amino acids. It contains the the amino acid lysine, which is great for building muscle. Coconuts are also known to contain arginine, which is known for its ability to build muscle and reduce body fat, and leucine, which plays a huge role in helping the body create proteins, enzymes, and hormones.

Coconut protein powder is also a good source of iron and Vitamin B12. Like most plant-based protein powders, coconut protein powder doesn’t contain much carbohydrates.

Coconut Protein Powder and Cooking

Coconut protein powder is a very versatile product, making it a must-have for any plant-based cook. Coconut protein powder is great for making everything from smoothies, protein shakes and other recipes. Coconut protein powder is also great for adding flavor to recipes and cooking. Find out how to make your own healthy protein shakes with coconut protein powder here.

It can be used as a substitute for flour in pancake and waffle recipes. It also works great to thicken and add flavor to soups and other recipes. Coconut protein powder also works great in smoothies and protein shakes. Find out how you can use coconut to create healthy protein shakes here.


Coconut protein powder is a great way to add protein to your diet. It’s a plant-based protein that contains little carbohydrates and fat. It is a sought out ingredient in the dairy free and vegan meat industries. If you’re looking to start adding more plant-based protein to your diet, natural coconut-based products can be a great place to start.

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