With summer heating up almost every part of the world, it’s hard not to grab something refreshing out of the fridge. One good option people can drink is coconut water, which has a refreshing sweetness to it that most people would love to quench down their thirst. It is also high in Vitamin C for immunity. 

But as good as coconut water is on its own, there are plenty of other ways you can consume it. Here are some good ideas for you to try.

5 Ways to Get Creative with Coconut Water

Sweet Shot in Your Coffee

If you like your coffee only a little bit sweet and take it dark most of the time, then you have to give this a try in your cup of joe. Coconut water is slightly sweet with a fruity flavor that can elevate the taste of coffee. 

If you enjoy a nice cold brew, this will add a very refreshing touch to your coffee. It can be a healthy vegan option to put into your coffee that is not quite reminiscent of cream, but has a sweetness that can pretty much compensate for it.

Serve Chilled with Summer Mocktails

Summer mocktails are something you can enjoy year round. They’re sweet and can really give you the quench that you need on a hot day. Plenty of great recipes use coconut water as part of the ingredients. 

Shirley Temples and Mojitos go great with the kick of a nice splash of coconut water. And if you don’t want to get too fancy and just make a simple juice, coconut water also adds a depth of flavor to lemonade. 

These drink ideas will surely get rid of the summer quench and refresh your system with their sweetness.

Add Sweetness to Your Rice

Rice is a common side dish in Asia that most people love to eat with many Asian cuisines. Coconut water will add another aromatic element to your rice that gives a nice semi-sweet flavor. 

Try It in Ice Pops

Are you in the mood for some classic ice pops with plenty of fruity flavors? Much like the mocktails, coconut water will offer that flavor profile like no other. It’s fun to mix this in with real coconut shreds and leave in the freezer to cool. 

Not only do coconut water ice pops taste great, but they look beautiful too! Coconut water freezes clear like real water, which would make fruit like pomegranate, strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries look absolutely stunning and worthy of a social media post.

Make an Asian Salad Dressing

Salad dressings with coconut water are definitely unique. It works well with a nice garden salad perfect for a nice brunch table. It can also work in fresh fruit salad, which gives it a nice added refreshing flavor.


Coconut water has to be one of the most underrated versatile juices out there. Its distinct taste can quench your thirst on a hot summer’s day or make your normal dishes all the more interesting. 

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