Yes, you read that right. Coconut butter is a real thing, and it’s a spread with amazing, natural benefits you need to know now! It is also immensely flavorful and a perfect addition to many dishes. But first, what is coconut butter?

Coconut + Butter?

No, coconut butter is not made by mixing organic coconut pulp and dairy. Good guess, though!

This type of butter is created by blending coconut meat into a juicy, fine pulp until it resembles the consistency of butter.

It’s easy to make as you only need a few coconut shells, a scraper, and a blender to make a jar of this healthy, yummy stuff. Coconut butter costs less, too; that’s why it’s become a popular dairy replacement in paleo circles! It’s one of the best coconut products around today!

Don’t want to make your own? They’re also available in physical and online food health stores!

The Benefits

Like organic coconut products (pulp, juice, and oil), coconut butter contains many health benefits! Some of which are:

1. Immunity-Boosting Properties

Coconut contains lauric acid, a component that helps regulate your immune system. It does so by redirecting good bacteria where they are needed most in your gut and rebalancing your stomach’s microbiome.

Lauric acid is found in only one other source (breastmilk), which is why this fruit is the next best way to get lots of it!

2. Weight Loss Properties

Aside from lauric acid, coconut comes packed with medium-chain fatty acids (MCTs). The human body immediately uses MCTs as energy instead of storing them as fat reserves for later use. This type of fat also boosts your metabolism!

A study showed one to two tablespoons of coconut increased the number of calories burned by five percent! That’s roughly equivalent to 120 calories per day—in just one to two tablespoons!

3. Appetite Suppressing Properties

Another benefit of MCTs is their ability to make one feel more satisfied after eating. Therefore, you eat less and feel full, contributing to a calorie deficit that will make you lose weight over time.

4. Bacteria Fighting Properties

Aside from maintaining your immune system, lauric acid also is antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal! Monolaurin, a chemical derived from lauric acid and glycerin, has been proven effective against stomach viruses such as E.coli, staph, and even urinary tract infections (UTIs)!

5. Brain Function-Enhancing Properties

Let’s move from the gut to the brain for just a second. Remember MCTs? Well, they not only manage your weight and curb your appetite, but they also work wonders for your noggin too! Researchers have discovered that ketones, a byproduct of ingested MCTs, reduce Alzheimer’s symptoms and increase brain function

In the absence of its primary energy source (glucose), the brain seeks out ketones as an alternative. The best coconut products containing MCTs could retain brain cells better and also improve brain function!

6. Cholesterol-Lowering Properties

Coconuts contain lauric acid, MCTs, and even HDL, AKA good cholesterol! Whenever you take a sip of coconut juice, a bite of coconut meat, or spread coconut butter on toast, remember that it doesn’t just contain the good kind of cholesterol, but it also lowers LDL, too, in just eight weeks!

Since LDL contributes to heart problems such as coronary artery disease, arrhythmia, heart valve disease, and heart failure, coconut butter could lower your risk for these conditions.

7. Performance-Boosting Properties

Since the body uses MCTs immediately as energy, you have glucose and ketone reserves that improve stamina and overall athletic performance!

Closing Thoughts

These seven amazing, natural benefits prove that coconut is indeed a superfood. This fruit regulates and even improves brain function, heart function, gut health, immunity, and physical performance. Remember those each time you spread a healthy serving of coconut butter on wheat toast or a wheat cracker!

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