Coconut is known as a miracle tree for varied reasons. One is how almost all of its parts can be utilized for many things. It is popularly known to be helpful in food, body products, and medical purposes. However, it’s also good for other things, including helping a person lose weight.

Here’s what you should know about coconut oil for weight loss.

How Organic Coconut Oil Helps You Lose Weight

1. Using Coconut Oil as a Cooking Oil

Organic coconut oil has all the good cholesterol. It’s great to use for cooking. It is high in medium chain triglyceride fat, a good type of fat that helps you increase your HDL (good cholesterol) levels and reduces your LDL (bad cholesterol) levels.

At the same time, coconut oil is excellent for giving your body heat. It helps to stimulate your metabolism and improve your thyroid function. Since it doesn’t raise your insulin levels, it is not as likely to make you put on weight.

2. Using Coconut Oil for Baking

Organic coconut oil is excellent for baking. It supplies calories without raising your insulin levels. When used in cooking or baking, the body absorbs it without breaking down and converts it to energy instead of being stored as fat.

Moreover, organic coconut oil is the perfect substitute for margarine or butter. You can use it for cooking fish and chicken or preparing a lovely dessert in place of the frosting on your cake.

Coconut oil has a nice tropical flavor that you’ll love to cook with and eat. If you like the taste of butter or margarine, you will love the taste of organic coconut oil.

3. Adding Coconut Oil to Your Drink

Organic coconut oil is perfectly suited to stir into a glass of hot water or add to your smoothies. It is also great to add to a cup of tea. It is an excellent fat-soluble vitamin source (E and K), which you can use to replace butter in your smoothies, stir into your hot tea, or even eat by the spoonful.

4. Taking Coconut Oil as a Daily Supplement

Coconut oil is excellent for taking on its own or other vitamins and supplements. Healthy fats are essential for good health. They help you absorb vitamins D, A, E, and K. Coconut oil also helps to increase metabolism and increase your body’s ability to burn fat.

Coconut oil is also easy to add to your daily diet. Just put a few tablespoons in your smoothies, hot tea, or some of your cooking. You can also buy it in capsule form as a nutritional supplement.

How Organic Coconut Oil Helps You Feel Great

Coconut oil is a well-known mood enhancer. It provides sustained energy that helps keep you in a good mood and focus. Since it doesn’t affect your blood sugar levels as sugar does, it keeps you from crashing and helps you avoid mood swings.

Organic coconut oil is an anti-inflammatory food. To reduce inflammation in the body and muscle aches and pains, you can use coconut oil as an external application. Simply rub a little on your sore muscles or skin to reduce inflammation and feel better.


Organic coconut oil as a nutritional supplement can help you lose weight and feel great. By adding it to your foods and drinks, you can gain the benefits of coconut oil while still getting the nutrients you need to be healthy. If you think you need extreme fat burning, try to add organic coconut oil to your diet. You will love how it tastes, and your body will love how it feels. 

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