Contrary to popular belief, taking on a healthier lifestyle is not limited to drastic life changes. In some cases, consistent, smaller moves carry more of a weighted impact on human health as a whole. Switching out food ingredients for healthier alternatives, for example, are ideal for improved choices towards wellness.

Sugar Intake Awareness

Sugar is frequently found in many foods but is also linked to health issues. It can be found in some desserts and dishes. While sugar is generally good for the body, too much sugar in the wrong form can be dangerous. It’s this logic that has driven more and more people to make the shift to coconut sugar instead of going with the traditional sugar options.

Here are some of the top ways that coconut sugar can make your life better:

Coconut Sugar Can Make Your Life Better Because It Has Raw Antioxidants

Coconut sugar is made from the sap of the coconut palm tree and is full of healthy nutrients. It is high in antioxidants, which makes it a great way to invigorate the body’s cells and repair any damage due to aging.

Coconut Sugar Can Make Your Life Better Because It’s Environmentally Friendly

Coconut sugar does not have the bone char that is typically added during the processing of commercial sugar. This makes coconut sugar more environmentally friendly to produce and to consume. Additionally, the texture of coconut sugar is more natural than that of standard processed sugar, which means it can complement any dish.

Coconut Sugar Can Make Your Life Better Because It’s Good For the Immune System

Other than a moderate dose of vitamin C to support the body, coconut sugar is also packed with the nutrients needed for the body to grow and stay healthy. It also helps to even out skin tone alongside maintaining skin radiance.

Coconut Sugar Can Make Your Life Better Because It’s Great For Heart Health

The dangers of consuming too much sugar are well-documented; people with various heart and blood-related conditions should carefully control their sugar intake. Coconut sugar is low in fructose and hemoglobin A1C levels and contains the materials necessary to combat risks commercial sugar generally poses.

It has inulin, a dietary fiber that provides benefits for your gut health, including regulating blood sugar and removing waste. 

Coconut Sugar Can Make Your Life Better Because There’s Less Sucrose

There’s no question that commercial sugar is much sweeter than coconut sugar, largely owing to how it’s pure sucrose. Coconut sugar only has 75% sucrose; the remaining 25% has nutrients, fibers, short-chain fatty acids, and other healthy materials.

Coconut Sugar Can Make Your Life Better Because There’s More Health Value

Coconut sugar has a healthy dose of potassium, containing 400 times as much as commercial sugar. Potassium regulates the body’s water levels, promotes healthy heart and nerve functions, and supports proper electrolyte levels without raising blood pressure. 


Swapping out refined sugar in recipes for coconut sugar takes a little bit of work. However, it comes with a number of benefits. Coconut sugar can make life better since there’s less sucrose, more health value and raw antioxidants.

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