Coco House was founded in 2018 by Dulara de Alwis and Altaf Jeevunjee, two sustainable farming and nutrition enthusiasts, who believed that all consumers should have access to healthy and ethically sourced food. Our product range currently includes Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Coconut FlourCoconut SugarCoconut Cream, King Coconut Water and Coconut Chips.

As a brand, we pride ourselves on our organic standards, the origin of our ingredients and the sustainability of our value chain.

  1. Coco House is organic certified backed by supply chain tracking and lab testing.
  2. Coco House sources its coconuts from Sri Lanka’s coconut triangle which is globally recognised for its appealing smell, taste and nutritional profile.
  3. Coco House supports sustainable and ethical value chain farming and processing, as supported by above industry pay scales.

Currently, Coco House is available in SILPO Ukraine, select retailers in Cyprus, Amazon USA, and Amazon Japan. We continue to have discussions with other international distributors to bring our products one step closer to you.

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