Coconuts are amazing fruits that produce some of the finest products, like coconut water, coconut oil, and coconut milk. These items all have a different place in the kitchen and serve different purposes. For those who don’t know much about coconut-derived products, here are some common FAQs you may have.

4 Common Coco-Questions About Coconut 

Is Coconut Water Healthy?

Coconut water is the juice that you get straight out of the shell. It’s sweet and is considered a great energizing drink since it is filled with a lot of electrolytes. It is also low in calories, full of potassium, calcium, and magnesium, and overall serves as a healthy drink that can quench your thirst on a hot day. 

It is full of natural sugar, which means you can’t drink it as much as regular water. Nevertheless, it is a healthy juice that you can regularly have. Try to avoid those commercial products that add coloring and extra sugar. 

Does Coconut Add Flavour to Every Dish Cooked with It?

Coconut is a very versatile fruit. It can be strong enough to become the central flavor of many dishes, or it can be ever so subtle that it solely just contributes to food’s texture or highlights the taste of something else. 

Coconut milk is one of the ingredients of curry, which is an example of how it can elevate the spices and add creaminess to the sauces without overpowering the flavor. The same product can be used in desserts like coconut pudding, where its taste is the star of the show.

Can You Cook with Coconut Oil?

Yes, you can! In fact, coconut oil is a great kind of cooking oil that works with searing and sauteing. It also makes a great vegan baking substitute for butter when you need to grease the pan. 

Despite having a strong scent of coconut in it, you won’t taste it when you use it to fry things. This oil is fairly neutral in flavor when in this state, so if you don’t want your chicken nuggets to taste like coconut, rest assured that it won’t leave that at all.

Is Coconut Milk a Good Alternative to Regular Milk?

If you’re asking for a substitute for milk you can drink straight up, coconut milk is not it. This milk is full of plant-based fat that isn’t palatable to consume on its own. However, it does make a good alternative if you’re looking to mix things with it. If you were whipping up some summer milk-based cocktails or milkshakes, coconut milk is a great dairy-free substitute. 


Coconut is more than just a nice fruit flavor to add to drinks and dishes. It’s good enough to eat on its own and can make great products that all serve a purpose in the kitchen. Some coconut products can add the distinct taste of coconut, while others don’t leave a hint at all. This fruit and (sort of) giant nut is a force of nature that is worth applauding for its versatility.

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