The top 5 coconut producers in the world are Indonesia, Philippines, India, Brazil and Sri Lanka. Because of the high local consumption of coconuts in both India and Brazil, the world’s largest exporters of coconuts and coconut derivatives are Indonesia, Philippines and Sri Lanka, in that order.These export nations primarily focus on manufactured products such as Virgin Coconut Oil (, Desiccated Coconut, Coconut Syrup and Coconut Water (

Country Coconuts in Tons
Indonesia 183M
Philippines 153M
India 119M
Brazil 2.8M
Sri Lanka 2.5M


Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, which represents unrefined, cold-pressed, and white kernel extracted coconut oil (details of the manufacturing process is found on the following link –, could be purchased and imported from any of the exporting nations. Although sensory variations exist between the nations, the specification is largely intact. The color of virgin coconut oil is pure white/crystal clear with no sediments. The taste and odor of virgin coconut oil are fresh and mild, respectively. The nutritional makeup of coconut oil is 95% saturated fats, with 0 transfat.

Since coconut trees are more than twenty feet in height, with a superior in-built filtration system at every foot of the coconut bark, toxins rarely make it up to the coconuts themselves. However, a certified organic estate is also disallowed to have high levels of organic pollutants / toxins on the soil i.e. harmful pesticides and fertilizers are banned from use. Organic certified Virgin Coconut Oil is processed from organic coconuts. Inspection and certification bodies such as Control Union conduct traceability tests in order to verify the authenticity of the organic process and awards an annual scope certificate to the manufacturing company.

The price of Virgin Coconut Oil is determined by both demand and supply. The price may differ based on country and season. Drastic changes in price primarily occur because of weather driven shortages and gluts. Coconut trees require a strong mix of sunlight and rain to produce a bountiful harvest.

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