Most coconut oils available in the market fall into the following buckets –

  1. Testa Coconut oil;
  2. Copra Coconut oil;
  3. Refined, Bleached, Deodorized Coconut Oil (RBD Coconut Oil);
  4. Whole Kernel Coconut Oil;
  5. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil;

What distinguishes the above oil categories from each other is the way each one is produced.

Coconut Oil Category Coconut base/input Drying temperature Expelling Temperature Refined, Bleached and Deodorised
Testa Oil Coconut testa High above 70 celcius High above 50 celcius NO
Copra Oil Aged/rotten whole kernel (white coconut kernel and testa) High above 85 celcius High above 60 celcius NO
RBD Coconut Oil Other coconut oil N/A N/A YES
Whole Kernel Coconut Oil Fresh whole kernel (white coconut kernel and testa) 60-80 celcius 60-70 celcius NO
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Fresh white coconut kernel 50-60 Celsius (cold-pressed) 45-55 Celsius (cold-pressed) NO


As a result of the variation in the production method, the final output differs in colour, smell, taste, fatty acid %, iodine value and other parameters.

Coconut Oil Category Colour Smell Taste Nutrients Free Fatty Acid %
Testa Oil Yellow Strong, somewhat acidic Strong and slightly acidic Low >1%
Copra Oil Pale yellow Appealing but slightly burnt smell Appealing but slight burnt milk taste Low <1%
RBD Coconut Oil Yellow to pure white No smell No taste Low <0.2%
Whole Kernel Coconut Oil Pale yellow Appealing but slightly strong smell Appealing strong milky taste Good <1%
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Pure white, sediment free Mild, appealing coconut smell Mild milky, appealing taste Best <0.2%


Extra Virgin Coconut Oil leads the space as the best quality coconut oil in the market. However, as a result of its input – fresh coconut white kernel -, and its production method – cold-pressed drying and expelling – the cost of production of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is the highest amongst coconut oils.

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