6 Vegan Recipes With Coconut Milk You Should Try

If you can’t let go of dairy products but are in dire need of a milk substitute, coconut milk is your best bet. It’s excellent for making rich, indulgent sauces and creams while being healthy and vegan, making it a formidable ingredient in any recipe. It’s highly nutritious, with one cup containing 17 grams of […]

Loco for Coco: 7 Coconut Butter Benefits You Need to Know

Yes, you read that right. Coconut butter is a real thing, and it’s a spread with amazing, natural benefits you need to know now! It is also immensely flavorful and a perfect addition to many dishes. But first, what is coconut butter? Coconut + Butter? No, coconut butter is not made by mixing organic coconut […]

Why Coconut Sugar Is the Most Sustainable Sugar Alternative

Most people look for products with biodegradable packaging or those that do not pollute the water to practice their advocacy and call it a day. On the other hand, some look into the sustainability of how an item is made, like sugar, for example. Sugar is an ingredient that almost everyone has in their pantries. […]

The Benefits of Using Coconut Sugar in Your Daily Life

The coconut tree is dubbed the “tree of life” because coconuts offer many benefits. Some of the well-known applications of coconuts are the husks being used as cleaning materials and made into ropes. Aside from that, coconut fruit also offers various uses for food and oil extracts, which are proven to give a wide array […]

Creamed Coconut: Health Benefits, Nutrition Facts, & Uses

Coconut cream, made from organic coconut products, is a thick, creamy, plant-based product. After the white flesh of mature coconuts is shredded and steeped in water, the cream rises to the top of the mixture, which suppliers skim off and package for many different uses.  It is a thicker version of coconut milk used in […]

Learning the Difference Between Coconut Milk and Coconut Cream

Coconuts can be found in everything these days, from classics like coconut cream and coconut milk to trendy newcomers like coconut vinegar and even coconut chips. Today, coconut is widely touted as a miracle weight-loss meal.  While full-fat coconut milk and coconut oil may help you feel satiated for longer periods and consume fewer calories […]

Coconut Flour: Advantages of Adding It to Your Diet

Coconut flour is seemingly everywhere these days. If you have seen this type of flour one too many times at your local supermarket, you may be wondering what health benefits it offers. If you are looking to make a positive lifestyle change, coconut flour may just be the ingredient you are looking for.  Before you […]

6 Reasons Coconut Sugar Can Change Your Life for the Better

Leading a healthier lifestyle isn’t all about making drastic changes in our lives. Sometimes, the smaller, more consistent decisions have a more significant impact on our overall health. For example, switching your food ingredients for healthier alternatives is a great way to promote better wellness choices. Watching Your Sugar Intake Sugar is a common ingredient […]

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