When it comes to UTIs (urinary tract infections), symptoms are generally uncomfortable. This includes pelvic pain, burning with urination and frequent urination. Traditionally, antibiotics are the go-to treatment. In some cases, lifestyle choices may be of some assistance. 

This includes the simple yet very powerful act of drinking more water, as this will flush out bacteria. In order to best ward off infection, consuming cranberry juice is recommended. Another remedy is coconut oil, which is increasingly being considered as an alternative course of action.

Coconut Oil

Although there is no specific research on the use of coconut oil to treat urinary tract infections, there is a growing body of research, specifically on virgin coconut oil, that explores its antimicrobial properties.  There’s a long-chain lipid in coconut oil called lauric acid. It’s a fat that’s associated with antimicrobial elements which actively fight infections, just like a UTI.

In a 2013 study, researchers found that using coconut oil to fight antibiotic-resistant Clostridium difficile diarrhea was more effective than exposing the bacteria to plain coconut oil, although the bacteria did slow down their growth when the cells were exposed to 0.15 to 1.2 percent lipolyzed coconut oil.

It should be noted that the coconut oil used in the study was broken down. That way, the fatty acids could be more readily available to the body. This is a form of coconut oil that has yet to make its way into the mainstream, commercial market. No drugstore or store in general will have it.

Evidence has also come about to suggest coconut oil as an effective response to fungal infections such as yeast infections.

A 2009 study found that coconut oil was active against Candida in a group of Nigerian women. Since then, studies have cited this paper to show that the oil could be used to treat drug-resistant Candida infections, as well as preterm infants and certain types of strep.

That said, coconut oil as a UTI cure doesn’t have science to back it up just yet. For now, anecdotal evidence is all there is, which means the treatment isn’t tried-and-true just yet.

Ways and Methods

Since there is no scientific evidence suggesting that coconut oil is effective for UTIs, there is no preferred or standard method when it comes to treatment, either. Some people have reported that they have used it in various ways, such as applying it topically to the infected area or ingesting pure coconut oil. 

Others say they’ve drunk coconut water, but the concentration of fatty acids to that end would likely be quite low.

Call a Doctor

It should be noted that any suspicions of a UTI should, first and foremost, be consulted with a doctor. Alternative remedies like coconut oil should only be sought after medical attention has been paid. 


Treating UTIs is traditionally done through antibiotics. Coconut oil is quickly becoming popular as a possible alternative remedy. While there is no particular scientific research on coconut oil as UTI treatment, there’s a lot to be said about coconut oil’s antimicrobial properties.

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