A Complete Guide to Coconut Oil: Types, Benefits, and Usage

Coconut oil, a delectable and nourishing elixir extracted from the fruit of the coconut palm, has garnered increasing attention in recent years due to its unique properties and myriad health benefits. As a result, consumers are keen to understand this versatile oil better, from its different types and health contributions to its wide range of […]

A Guide to Coconut Sugar: A Natural and Nutritious Sweetener Alternative

In our quest for healthier alternatives to refined sugar, we often find ourselves caught in the labyrinth of sweetening options. However, there’s one natural sweetener that’s been silently making waves in the health-conscious circles for its nutritional benefits and low glycemic index: coconut sugar.  Delving deep into the world of this tropical sweetener, this comprehensive […]

Master the Art of Cooking with Export Lanka’s Coconut Milk Powder: Production to Palate

Coconut milk powder has rapidly gained traction in the culinary world as a convenient and shelf-stable alternative to traditional coconut milk. This ingenious powder provides the creamy goodness and authentic flavor of coconut milk with an added ease of use, making it a staple in modern kitchens. In this article, we unlock the secret behind […]

Discover the Wonders of Coconut Flour: A Gluten-Free, Nutrition-Packed & Delicious Flour Alternative

The global food landscape is experiencing a massive overhaul as consumers worldwide increasingly seek healthier and more sustainable alternatives to conventional ingredients. As a prominent coconut processing facility situated in Sri Lanka’s distinguished coconut triangle, Ceylon Exports & Trading (Pvt) Ltd is committed to providing superior-quality coconut flour, which serves as a wholesome, gluten-free alternative […]

Coconut Christmas Tree Recipe

Watch our Christmas Tree recipe made with Organic Coconut Cream & Organic Desiccated Coconut. Main Ingredients Condensed milk 100g Coco House Organic Coconut Cream 1tsp Coco House Organic Coconut Desiccated Coconut 70g Star shape sprinkles Icing sugar 150g Coloring (Green Color) Total time Prep Time Cook time Yields Method  Insert the condensed milk, coconut cream [...]

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